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Rev. S. Sowah Odotei (Lead Pastor)

Taami was a young man whose life has been full of sorrows and grief. His parents had been poor and this affected his upbringing. His four younger sisters were beautiful but poverty has managed to forcibly darken their fair skins, and their faces looked like aged ladies even though they were all teen aged. None of them were able to complete their primary school education in their hometown, except Taami. The youngest sister of thirteen years was pregnant for a ‘galamseyer’ (surface miner) from the nearby town and the parents have been speechless about the matter because the young ‘galamseyer’ seem to be rich and therefore uses the money to influence Taami’s parents, whose Christian values they have compromised under the weight of poverty.

Due to this unfortunate situation Taami decided to journey to the city to search for work and make money so that he would return to his village to make life better for his family and teach Bami, the young ‘galamseyer’ a lesson. In the city, life became unbearable as things did not turn out as expected by Taami. He slept in the open in front of a shop, which space only became available after the shop owners have closed and left the premise. In his quest to be rich at all cost he befriended a young man who had become filthily rich and who often allowed him to carry his goods in and out of his trucks whenever he comes to the Lorry Park for loading in the company of his colleague rich young entrepreneurs. After many months he was introduced to the line of business of these young rich men when he sought persistently for their help to become a rich trader in the rice and provision businessthey were running...